In Pursuit of Utopia – “New Harmony and Beyond” (Episode 3 of 3) w/ Brett Veinotte and Daniel McCarthy

I hope this finds you all safe and well in these uncertain times.  This episode of “In Pursuit of Utopia” concludes our discussion of the New Harmony, Indiana Utopian settlement created by industrialist Robert Owen.  (For now)  I will definitely have more to share on this subject as things start opening up locally and I can shoot some more footage on site.  I truly enjoyed these last 3 episodes a great deal and I hope you will find as much value in our discussion of the history of education, societal management, ideology, and utopian planning, as I did in the process of preparing and participating in these shows.

These are easily 3 of my favorite shows or discussions that I have been a part of in recent memory and I value Daniel and Brett’s commitment to honesty in the pursuit of truth over ideologies, conclusion shopping, and confirmation biases immensely.   These are the type of discussions that that beg you to be introspective in your journey to learn the facts for yourself.  I know I learned a lot about myself by participating.

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Kevin Cole












Kevin Cole joins Danny and Brett once again to wrap-up the exploration of New Harmony.  Discussed:

– After its collapse, was New Harmony (or the broader work of Owen) cited by later social planners, philosophers, etc.? In what context?

– What is the legacy of New Harmony? What impact did the experiment have on American history?

– The real Illuminati: What was the significance of Pestalozzi’s membership?

– Where does Kevin’s personal interest in New Harmony come from? What is most interesting/important about New Harmony?

– How does the experiment at New Harmony compare to the American experiment? Are they necessarily opposed philosophies?

– Are there any elements of New Harmony that you think have rightly been incorporated into our society? Are there any other elements you would like to see incorporated?

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