UOP: The Ominous Continuity Podcast – Episode #002 – The Ideal Arrangement of Rhodes and the Organic Unity of Empire

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UOP Multimedia Presents: The Ominous Continuity – Episode #002

This is the 2nd episode of a new podcast created and produced by www.UnityofthePolis.com entitled the Ominous Continuity.

Topic: The Ideal Arrangement of Rhodes and the Organic Unity of Empire by Kevin Cole 

(Also covered: John Robert Seeley, Organic Unity, Historiography, Politics, Greater Britain and many other topics)

At present my primary areas of focus, aside from analysis of current events, include the Anglo-American Establishment, the Creation of Transnational Politics in the 19th and 20th Centuries, the proliferation and lineage of the concept of a “New World Order” in International Relations and Geopolitics, the root causes and effects of globalization, the growing role of technology, cybernetics and political correctness in society…The Future of Freedom and individual liberty juxtaposed to said movements…and last but not least, I am laser focused on the historical role of educational institutions and curricula in the management and governance of society and the expansion of the body politic, with special emphasis on the Trivium of Liberal Arts Education.

In summation, I am just a human being who chooses to some of my thinking and learning in public for the benefit of others and posterity. I am forever curious to learn, process and try to make sense of this world we are living in and I am primarily interested in leaving a better map of the terrain for future generations.

This is the Ominous Continuity.

Thanks for listening! – kc

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