Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott blames Putin and Russia for upsetting the “New World Order”

The ongoing Wikileaks document dumps from the email account of John Podesta have drawn attention to a transcript of a speech by Rhodes Scholar and President of the Brookings Institution Strobe Talbott entitled “Vladimir Putin vs. the 21st Century”.  The transcript provides important context and foreshadowing on the current geopolitical tensions between the Anglo-American Establishment embodied in NATO and Putin’s Russia.  In this speech at Occidental College on April 22, 2014, Talbott details how Vladamir Putin and Russia represent the greatest threat that could “jeopardize the progress the world has made in recent decades” toward the “new world order”.  In addition to holding a Rhodes Scholarship, Talbott has served as the Director of the Council on Foreign Relations and was also on the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission.  Talbott is no stranger to writing on the concept and advocacy of the New World Order and has spent decades developing strategies to affect Global Governance.  In addition to serving in the administration of his former college roommate President William Jefferson Clinton as Deputy Secretary of State, he is also known for his book “The Great Experiment” and his 1992 Time Magazine article “The Birth of a Global Nation”.

The transcript was forwarded to John Podesta and others by an associate at the Albright Stonebridge Group, a global business strategy firm headed by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

“Now let’s look ahead and assess the global significance of Putinism. In a nutshell, it jeopardizes the progress the world as a whole has made in recent decades to put in place an international system based on integration, cooperation, and partnership.”
“Partnership was personal in the relations between Gorbachev and George Herbert Walker Bush; then between Yeltsin and Bill Clinton. All four of those presidents, two Russians and two Americans, agreed on the need for what Bush called “a new world order.”  In essence, what they had in mind was a system — with buy-in from all the major powers — that respected the sovereign right of individual states to govern themselves while collaborating through international institutions to deal with challenges that can only be met through global cooperation.”

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“The demonization of Russia is a calculated plan to resurrect a raison d’être for stone-cold warriors trying to escape from the dustbin of history by evoking the specter of Russian world domination.” – Dennis Kucinich

“Why Is the Foreign Policy Establishment Spoiling for More War? Look at Their Donors”

Video of the above speech can be found below:


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