[PODCAST] #525: The St. Louis Movement’s Impact On American Schooling (With Kevin Cole)

At the end of October, I drove to St.Louis, Missouri to meet Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Project on his “School Sucks Across America Tour”.  Our time was limited but we had a great post-lunch drive, podcast session and trip to the City Museum while I gave an introduction into the St.Louis Movement’s impact on the American school system. For the full experience, I would recommend listening to the introduction on the audio file and resuming the rest of the podcast via the 9 clips in the playlist linked below.  – kc


(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica – DAY FOURTEEN – OCT 28 – ST. LOUIS, MO)

“Kevin Cole (unityofthepolis.com) acts simultaneously as history teacher and tour guide, as I drive him around St. Louis. This is a story most of you probably haven’t heard. PLEASE watch the video version!”

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To get more in depth on the topics discussed above you may listen to my recording of my chapter entitled “William Torrey Harris, Mass Schooling and the Open Secret of the Universe” which breaks down the history of the St.Louis Movement and Philosophical Society and the role of Speculative Philosophy in modern education.



To learn more about Brett Veinotte, School Sucks Project and his recent tour across America, visit: