UOP Research Brain and the History of the Trivium (2022)

Since 2009, I have been building an exhaustive historical database to keep a record and backup of my daily research, reading, connections and historical linkages.  I have compiled 11,000 + individual thoughts with over 27,500 links to date centered around (but not limited to) The Trivium of Liberal Arts Education, Anglo-American Establishment, Geopolitics, International Organizations, International Relations, the Tax-Free Foundations, Education Theory, Psychology, Sociology, Conditioning, Religion, Cybernetics, Secret Societies and the historical concept of the New World Order.  ( + much more)

I have decided to make this work available to the public (for the first time) for any contributions at or over $250.00.

This artifact is the result of many, many hours, months and years that I have dedicated and sacrificed for this historical research and understanding.  The compilation of artifacts, connections and historical linkages contained within are entirely priceless to me.  I have been advised by others to list this for no less than $300.00, but as I strongly believe that it deserves to be shared and built upon for posterity, I am currently offering it for well below the effort and work that went into its creation.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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After completing the transaction, I will personally email you with the link to the BrainZip file. 

All funds will go toward my operating costs for my ongoing research and forthcoming book.

To open the Brain file you will need to download the Free or Upgraded versions of the Personal Brain Software at this Link.

UOP Terms:

Once you download the Unity of the Polis Research Brain, it is yours to do what you please absent uploading or merging it with any other publicly hosted brain files.   All screen shots or sharing of my Research Brain must be attributed to UOP Research.

You may also subscribe to the UOP Research brain and access exclusive content via Unity of the Polis on Patreon.


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Rhodes Round Table Group / Anglo-American Establishment: 

The History of the Trivium: 

The Pilgrims Society